Beginners Tennis Tips

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Tennis is a fantastic game, and is worth a massive effort to learn because tennis is one of those sports you can play for life.
It is amazingly beneficial for your body, mind and spirit.
Check out this article from Tennis Australia

Thankfully there are tonnes of resources all over the web devoted to getting you, the beginner playing good tennis in no time.
I personally recommend that you start by learning the fundamentals of the forehand shot, the backhand shot and the serve.
Practice these until you can rally with a friend at low speed, keeping the ball in the court.

Oscar Wegner Modern Tennis, a good place to start for the beginner… Watch and be amazed

Oscar Wegner is a bit of a tennis coaching pioneer.
He has developed a tennis coaching methodology that aims to make the game of tennis easy and natural.
And while his methods may not be appropriate for tennis at the highest levels, it is fantastic just getting
the beginner playing consistent tennis within a very short period of time.

Watch this super impressive piece of coaching.
Oscar gets someone who has never picked up a racquet to rally within 10 minutes!

Tennis In 10 Minutes

The Forehand

Forehand Basics – Tennis 101 by Oscar Wegner

Oscar Wegner teaching Modern Tennis Forehand

Tennis Forehand Lesson For Beginners

The Backhand

How To Master The Basic One-Handed Backhand

Tennis Backhand Lesson For Beginners

One Handed Backhand Progression – tennis lesson

The Serve

Tennis Serve Lesson For Beginners

Beginner Tennis: Serving

Beginning Tennis Tips & Techniques : How to Practice Follow Through in a Tennis Serve

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