Good Tennis Equipment is a MUST

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Get a good racquet

If you are tennis beginner and you are serious about learning how to play, make sure that you invest in a good quality racquet as soon as you can afford it. Hitting quality shots with a low quality department store racket is very very hard. Beginner tennis players will get far more joy and far better results if they go to the local pro shop and purchase a high quality ex-demo racket which are usually cheap. If you don’t have a pro shop that sells ex demos near by, try googling for racquets by the big racquet makers Wilson Babolat Head Dunlop Prince and Yonex – look for racquets they have released in the last few years on e-bay and you are bound to find a high quality frame on the cheap. Not only will it make you play better in the short term, but it won’t limit your capabilities when your tennis improves either.

Get some tennis shoes

The importance of having a good pair of tennis shoes when trying to learn tennis cannot be overstated. Tennis shoes are designed specifically for gripping tennis court surfaces and giving your feet support for the common movements used in the game of tennis. Even a beginner will feel they play better with a good pair of tennis shoes because they allow you to move confidently around the tennis court.

Play with new balls

Practicing with old tennis balls, particularly if you are trying to improve impairs your play because they don’t move with the same speed of a fresh(ish) ball or bounce anywhere near as high. This will affect your judgement of tennis balls negatively.

If you can afford it, try to always play and practice with new balls. That way you will always experience a consistent bounce, feel and speed.

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