Tips For The Social Tennis Player

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Social Player

So you have been playing tennis for a while but haven’t really taken it very seriously. Haven’t gotten coaching to groove the correct technique but want to learn it to grow your tennis to the next level?

A good first step might be to tighten up your technique.

Correct wrist to arm alignment

Ive found that on my tennis journey the biggest gains have come when I have picked up and applied technique which I have been able to watch and read about on the internet.
One such tip is this… The Lansdorp Wrist Assist.
The way I have used this is to purchase a thera-band *a big rubber band which I attach to my racquet and my wrist. It is amazing how much your technique improves through the application of this “wrist assist”.

Lansdorp Wrist Assist – teaches you to keep the correct racquet to arm angle

The Mini Tennis Drill

The mini tennis drill is a very very beneficial and important drill for any aspiring player to practice regularly. It trains for footwork, it trains your ball control, your topspin, your concentration, pretty much everything. Good tennis coaches will have you practice this drill from early on in your training to help you groove the correct technique for generating topspin (brushing up the back of the ball). My doubles partner and I like to play it in either opposite or diagonal squares with scoring like table tennis as an incentive to put in a big effort.

Mini tennis

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