Agassi – Attack with Nick Bollettieri

Agassi – Attack with Nick Bollettieri – Learn the correct technique to take you far with this training video collection from the great Nick Bollittieri!

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Agassi – Attack with Nick Bollettieri 6/6

Tips For The Social Tennis Player

Social Player

So you have been playing tennis for a while but haven’t really taken it very seriously. Haven’t gotten coaching to groove the correct technique but want to learn it to grow your tennis to the next level?

A good first step might be to tighten up your technique.

Correct wrist to arm alignment

Ive found that on my tennis journey the biggest gains have come when I have picked up and applied technique which I have been able to watch and read about on the internet.
One such tip is this… The Lansdorp Wrist Assist.
The way I have used this is to purchase a thera-band *a big rubber band which I attach to my racquet and my wrist. It is amazing how much your technique improves through the application of this “wrist assist”.

Lansdorp Wrist Assist – teaches you to keep the correct racquet to arm angle

The Mini Tennis Drill

The mini tennis drill is a very very beneficial and important drill for any aspiring player to practice regularly. It trains for footwork, it trains your ball control, your topspin, your concentration, pretty much everything. Good tennis coaches will have you practice this drill from early on in your training to help you groove the correct technique for generating topspin (brushing up the back of the ball). My doubles partner and I like to play it in either opposite or diagonal squares with scoring like table tennis as an incentive to put in a big effort.

Mini tennis

Good Tennis Equipment is a MUST

Get a good racquet

If you are tennis beginner and you are serious about learning how to play, make sure that you invest in a good quality racquet as soon as you can afford it. Hitting quality shots with a low quality department store racket is very very hard. Beginner tennis players will get far more joy and far better results if they go to the local pro shop and purchase a high quality ex-demo racket which are usually cheap. If you don’t have a pro shop that sells ex demos near by, try googling for racquets by the big racquet makers Wilson Babolat Head Dunlop Prince and Yonex – look for racquets they have released in the last few years on e-bay and you are bound to find a high quality frame on the cheap. Not only will it make you play better in the short term, but it won’t limit your capabilities when your tennis improves either.

Get some tennis shoes

The importance of having a good pair of tennis shoes when trying to learn tennis cannot be overstated. Tennis shoes are designed specifically for gripping tennis court surfaces and giving your feet support for the common movements used in the game of tennis. Even a beginner will feel they play better with a good pair of tennis shoes because they allow you to move confidently around the tennis court.

Play with new balls

Practicing with old tennis balls, particularly if you are trying to improve impairs your play because they don’t move with the same speed of a fresh(ish) ball or bounce anywhere near as high. This will affect your judgement of tennis balls negatively.

If you can afford it, try to always play and practice with new balls. That way you will always experience a consistent bounce, feel and speed.

Beginners Tennis Tips

Tennis Beginner

Tennis is a fantastic game, and is worth a massive effort to learn because tennis is one of those sports you can play for life.
It is amazingly beneficial for your body, mind and spirit.
Check out this article from Tennis Australia

Thankfully there are tonnes of resources all over the web devoted to getting you, the beginner playing good tennis in no time.
I personally recommend that you start by learning the fundamentals of the forehand shot, the backhand shot and the serve.
Practice these until you can rally with a friend at low speed, keeping the ball in the court.

Oscar Wegner Modern Tennis, a good place to start for the beginner… Watch and be amazed

Oscar Wegner is a bit of a tennis coaching pioneer.
He has developed a tennis coaching methodology that aims to make the game of tennis easy and natural.
And while his methods may not be appropriate for tennis at the highest levels, it is fantastic just getting
the beginner playing consistent tennis within a very short period of time.

Watch this super impressive piece of coaching.
Oscar gets someone who has never picked up a racquet to rally within 10 minutes!

Tennis In 10 Minutes

The Forehand

Forehand Basics – Tennis 101 by Oscar Wegner

Oscar Wegner teaching Modern Tennis Forehand

Tennis Forehand Lesson For Beginners

The Backhand

How To Master The Basic One-Handed Backhand

Tennis Backhand Lesson For Beginners

One Handed Backhand Progression – tennis lesson

The Serve

Tennis Serve Lesson For Beginners

Beginner Tennis: Serving

Beginning Tennis Tips & Techniques : How to Practice Follow Through in a Tennis Serve

world cup of tennis ?

The most interesting recent proposal in tennis comes from Pro Footballer Pique of Barcelona.

Details not clear yet but it is some form of team tennis, with all matches completed in one day. There would be a 7-10 day event with all the nations fielding their best players, in contrast to Davis cup which meanders through the year messing up the player’s schedules. If this follows soccer’s format, then the teams would be in groups and play each other, getting points for every win, and the winner goes through to the knock out or tournament style section, each team progressing by winning.

But this is NOT going to match the upcoming Federer/Nadal vs rest of the world, imagine Roger and Rafa playing doubles together…


today it was windy in Miami– of all the elements wind is the toughest to deal with — a big part of what level separates is the ability to read and react — the wind gives the ball a whole new dance movement– this becomes a mental toughness day– you need to embrace the wind

feet apart

one of the ways to add knee bending to your serve is to just drop down from your start stance

practice practice practice

Pat McEnroe talked about how Murray and Federer both added more offense to their game — spending lots of hours on the practice court before introducing the more aggressive tactics in matches

it is great to watch the Fed playing at such a high level winning IW
we have been going to IW for 33 years the new ticket prices have pushed us out–

still step in

even when you are furture back to receive the serve you want to take your one step in and balance

return position

when facing a powerful server one of the best options is to stand further back to receive– except for Federer and Thiem they all did this at IW — this gives you more time to react

on your toes

one of the thoughts to help you add knee bend to your serve is to get your heals off the ground getting on your toes

elbow up and out

the follow through on the forehand we like the most is the big elbow both up and out–kissing the shoulder and going over the opposite shoulder with your rotation